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Gloucester Haddock


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Fished on the Lisa & Jake out of Gloucester Mass.  Great guys, top notch boat and gear.  If you're going to make the trip, I highly recommend them.  The 6 of us combined to bring home 200+ keeper haddock, and a few cod.  Threw back just as many sub-legal fish, also caught some small pollock and ocean perch.  What a day. 






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I may be misinformed, but I think the catch regulations are to protect a fishery population that is estimated to be about 5% of what it once was. Whether restrictions on private anglers will significantly help the restoration of a fishery decimated by decades of commercial overfishing is uncertain.


Commercial creel regulations and countries that ignore the regulations are inadequate to support a viable fishery by natural reproduction. I wouldn't be surprised to see further reductions and/or restrictions in coming years.

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