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Website or App for wind/weather planning


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What website or apps do you use to obtain weather and wind information for planning purposes when fishing the Finger Lakes or Lake Ontario?  I have been using the Sailflow app for the last year or so and at times it seems like it is off in some of its prediction for wind direction and speed.  Any suggestion?  Thank you.

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What website or Apps related to wind/weather forecast do you use for planning your fishing trips to Lake Ontario or the Finger Lakes?  Currently I am using the sailflow App for wind direction planning and sometimes it is not correct.  Any input would be appreciated.  Thank you.  

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NOAA Weather Activity Planner http://forecast.weather.gov/wxplanner.php?site=buf for wind, rain, thunder, temp, waves. And I use the Intellicast radar loop http://www.intellicast.com/Local/WxMap.aspx to see if any rain or thunder is coming immediately before I go out.


The Activity Planner shows predicted wind speed & direction, rain, thunder, waves, etc.

To use the site, first click on your point of interest on the map. That will bring up a new page. Clicking on the blue link called 48-hr Element Meteorogram on that next page will bring up a page that allows you to select the items that you want to see. I like it because you can see a time-based forecast. In the example below you can see that the wind is forecast to be very light and waves are forecast to drop below 1 foot this evening with no chance of rain. I think I'll plan on fishing this evening!



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I use this site for wave height, It can be a little cumbersome with a smartphone but it seems to be more accurate than most.  FWIW I am not saying it is always accurate.




I use this one for wind.



I generally use their app and it works good for instant readings.  I only really trust the weather station in the middle of the lake for accurate readings, and that one is almost always right.

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