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For Sale : USA Moving Sale Sold Boat All Equipment

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4 Electric Penn Down riggers w Swivel mounts $1100.00

6 Down rigger Rods and reels $65.00-$100.00

2 9'6 Mono Heartland new Dipsey Rods/ Tekota 600 LC $300.00

4 lead core rods and reels $65.00-$75.00

2 wire Guide Series dipsey rods and Tekota 600 LC reels $350.00

1300 copper rods and Penn reel $100.00

2 cannon planner board reels,rail mount w/350ft/250lb Power Pro $150.00spoons 25 spoons $50.00

22 dipseys, $8.00 vgc, 24 ex rings, 5 mags $10.00 each, 7 Les davis deep 6 $8.00, 11 small Luhr J

39 Big flashers $8.00 each

100 plus stick baits aprox. $2-$4

30 plus flies  skirts $2.50, regular tied $3.50, special $4.50

Tackle boxes, Phantom Pro Planos, Mini, Max Mates

5 Church Tackle (red birds TX-12 Planner Boards)

All clips, swivels,lure tape ect

24 J Plugs $5.00 each $100.00 all

Call Lenny 716-392-9257

having trouble keeping list up dated And this is short list.

call or TX for up dates Thanks Lenny

Supper Ski Twin double right,single left planner boards

500 spoons  3 for $ 10.00 ,8 for $20.00, 20 for 40.00

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think this thread might be dead.  sent the guy a pm he told me to txt him. told me he would get back to me after the txt, and never did.  that was over almost 2 months ago

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