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Mexico Point 04/28/14

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Fished out of Mexico Point & it was a little cold, breezy, & choppy today. My Cuz Dick Bullen and I went 5 for 7 in about 5 hrs on the water this afternoon. Small Rapalas & Orange Crush spoons were on the riggers and baby boards. Here's a pic of my biggest (Brown Trout)..............




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Thanks a lot guys.

Glenn, You know how it is being confined to a small area with Cuz onboard.  I think my ears were bleeding. :)  All in all it was great to be out there.  Just gotta get my sealegs a little more steady.  I was bouncin around like a drunken sailor.  & No, I wasn't drinkin (at the time). :P  Richard was good captain and kept us on the fish pretty good.  We got some dinks I didn't include in the total, but were released with no harm done to them. I'm really lookin forward to the kings comin back in numbers soon. I'll be out there, & maybe even a derby or two.

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