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The boat is finally done! (Almost)

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Walleye season is now open, and unfortunately it will be late in the day before im on the water. The boat project is done except for the fishhawk, and I thought id share a before and after. Ill post more pics tomorrow.

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Man Justin.....that looks solid enough for duty on the Mekong Delta! :lol:  You aiming to beat a 20 rod spread? :)  great platform for harvesting those tigers and eyes. I have family commitments today (and even last night) preventing me from going after the eyes but I may be braving the 20 plus mph winds tomorrow night....Good luck bud.

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Looks good JT. Lots of room for guys, up by us the boys came home, water is chocolate milk and very high with so much debris in the water make it just about unfishable. Will try later in the month. Water is at 38 degrees they aren't going anywhere soon.

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Water is 48+ deg up here PAP all the way throughout black river past pillar point and Sackets. It's on hot and heavy man.


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The "island" in the fishing area is a rigging/work table/seat/standing platform and it pops up to a changing room with chemical toilet. Diamond plate battery box with 2 batteries for the terrova, my main battery, and minn kota dc charger.

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