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Spin Doctor set ups

rail bird

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I want to get my dipsy's working better this year. I normaly run spin doctors behind the dipsy with a fly. I guess I am doing something wrong because I seldom take a hit. So I am looking for some advice including terminations, holes to attach to, length to flasher and fly, what type of fly's and colors to use.

Thanks for any advice.

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Hey rail bird,

If you're not getting hits on SDs run on divers out of the Oak you are DEFINITELY doing something wrong.

Stop by the boat sometime with one of your rigs and I will look it over for you--I'm sure we can get it figured out for you.

I'll be in the water April 5th and headed west for a month on April 24th. I'll be back at Lake Breeze June 2nd.



Free Spirit

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Hi Greg, That goes for me too. I'll be keeping the boat at 4-C's again. Probably be up there the beginning of July.

Here are some Spin Docs I run often up there:

Black- Dbl glow

Black- green, glow

White- Dbl glow

Super Crazy


Mtn. Dew the white blade and the chart blade

Lt Green- lt. green, glow

See you this summer !!! Eric

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Listen to these guys when they shout out the hot colors of ATOMIK flies. They truly are a great product. Last year was my first year running 4 wires, and by the end of the day every single one took a hit for the most part. Listening to the guys on the radio about how much wire is out when they are taking shots is important, but each set-up is different.

For example wire line diameter varies. A lot of guys will run Malin or Mason wire. I run American fishing wire and it is a thinner diameter than the two I mentioned above. You also have to take into consideration the pound test of their wire. I would say the swing is generally between 20-40lb wire dependent upon the boat with 30lb being the most popular. There are MANY times when guys are taking shots up at 100-130' of wire and mine wont go till I pump them out more or reel some line in. It really is a touchy feely kind of thing. You need to find the depth that is working for your boat. Each boat glides through he water differently and affects the tracking of its gear in the water. You ask how? I don't know, but why is it when two boats are running an identical pattern one is cleaning house? I think it is all about how that boat is riding or cutting through the water.

NEXT, leader lengths. I am one of the guys who likes them to be long enough where it makes it difficult to net fish :lol: . Seriously, I usually use a 10' leader behind the dipsey and I don't run a snubber AT ALL when I'm running wires.

Dispsey color seems to matter too. The basics would be black and clear. But you will rarely ever see my boat with less than 2 purple metallic dipseys in the water. No matter if I am on the east or west end of the lake.

I rarely run the dipsey on a 3 when I'm fishing over 50' of water. Usually its a 1 or 2 setting.

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Thanks for all the advice everyone.

Paul, if I have not figured things out when it is time to run them I will stop by with one of my riggs.

Eric, I will be back at 4c's this year. I hope all is well and looking forward to another good season. Hope to see you when you come up.

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Yankee is right. No snubber and as long a lead you can handle. The longer the lead the wider the spinny will turn.

Experiment w/ the back holes. When I find a s.d./fly set up that has been hot I will use a marker and write (v.g.) on the spinny meaning "very good" and that set up will NEVER be separated.

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FWIW...I have NEVER changed the holes on my Spin Doctors from the way they are set at the factory. Frankly, I've never seen a need to.

Like the others have said, though, run the longest leaders you can and then, just for sport.....add six inches! HA!

See ya on the water!


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