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Southeast Alaska King Salmon Limits

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An increase in King Salmon Limits this year will allow resident sport fishermen to take three Kings  for the season, up from one last year. Enjoy your fortune here on Lake Ontario.

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you don't know what you're missing.

I do know Tim.  Just lost my taste for it.  It might have something to do with eating walleye and panfish but the stronger fish isn't doing it for me right now - really do not like Lake trout.  I eat approximately 1-2 trout a year (rarely from Lake O).  I do Like Atlantics, but not enough to go chasing them every weekend. I also think Pacific salmon have a much better flavor than Lake O salmon. MHO.


With that said, I do know lots of people like shrimp and just because I don't care for shrimp doesn't mean everyone else should stop eating it.  My preference is just that - MINE.  We live in a situation where we have choices which I think is awesome.  People are hitting the fingerlakes and lake O for salmonids and others are sittin on pails gettn bullheads and crappies.  To each their own.   


You gotta keep on keeping on. Life's a garden, dig it, make it work for you.



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I like turtles

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Me too!  Haha.  Don't know if you are joking or not.  Some of the yuppy fisherman love to razz me about it.  Turtles are safe from me now.  The state says you have to hunt them now with bow or gun and knowing that you have to let them clean up in fresh water ~2wks to remove the strong smell, that doesn't make sense.  So why bother?...

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