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Cortland Discontinues Flea Flicker Line - New Sea Flea Line From Blood Run

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Cortland Line Company has discontinued manufacturing their Flea Flicker line.  They are also completely out of stock. When I spoke with the company today they told me if they can solve their manufacturing issues, they may re-introduce the product at a future date.


Here at Captain's Cove we still have a bulk roll of Cortland's 30 pound Flea Flicker line.


We have also pre-ordered nine (9) 300 yard spools of Blood Run Tackle Co.'s new 30lb "Super Slick" Sea Flee line.  According to Blood Run's website, "This line embeds a slick compound into the monofilament resin to resist "hangers on" in heavy spiny water flea conditions. Increased diameter and abrasion resistance keep it tight in your release until show time."  


Consider asking us to hold a spool for you for later as demand may be greater than supply.


Thank you for supporting your local tackle shops.


~ Michele and Claude

Captain's Cove Resort, Inc.




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