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Some of todays best tourny fishermen started as observers. If you are reliable and enjoy watching teams function or want to learn, its great! It is a very important part of tournaments, and it is to be taken seriously. Some observe year after year just to learn tactics for their fun fishing, others soak it all in and end up fielding their own teams. The best arrangements are when you get to enjoy some prefishing with the team you will represent, and get your out-of pocket costs covered. The act of literally paying for  an observer can be troublesome, as it is definitely NOT a way to pick up some beer money while you sleep in the cuddy. We have found paid observers that get placed on our boats to be disinterested sometimes, and hungover often. If it would be a chore like mowing the lawn, then its not for you. If you think you can remain alert, learn the rules of the particular event and see that they are followed, it's a great way to spend a weekend.

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I don't no what it consists of but any chance to watch a pro fish. Would be worth it without the money so if anyone looking for someone. I love fishing. And did a lot of fishing with catch a buzz charter out of Braddocks bay years ago

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I used to fish the tournaments on occasion.  Now I observe and find I enjoy it much more than I ever did competing. 


I get placed on some REALLY nice boats, doesn't cost me an arm and a leg and I get to watch some of the very best players in the game go about their business when there's big money on the line. 


I've been trolling almost 20 years and still learn a lot from watching these guys compete. Plus I make a couple bucks doing it, but really that is secondary to the opportunity to improve my own techniques by watching the elite perform under pressure.


I would strongly encourage anyone looking to improve their skills and techniques, to jump at the opportunity to be an observer in the Lake O tournaments.



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