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A few pics from last year to warm up for the spring


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All I have to say is you are going to have a hard time topping last year with all the big fish the boss and yuo caught. I am sure she will put one on the board this spring. Can't wait till Spring.


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Man ohhhh man that is a pig of a steelhead. What the hell did that thing weigh? Still looking for something like that in the tribs. There have been some bruisers in this year and still got plenty of time if only the dang river would settle the hell down.

Congrats on the fishes from last year,


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I probably won't get the mount back until Sep '07... it's going to be a long wait! I gave her (FishWish of Mexico, NY) an entire CD of pictures (probably 50 in all) and I'm praying it comes out looking right. I'm extremely afraid I'm going to show up and it will have been painted in fall colors :shock:


Hell yeah! We booked a slip from the 6th-12th. As long as work doesn't interfere, we should be good to go.


I'll be looking for a big brown and a big coho this year. I'm still regretting the 15lb brown I didn't mount our first year (2005) up at Sodus. It wasn't the biggest brown ever, but the colors were just beautiful. Here it is:


It was the first year in a long long time that I've been able to catch a bigger fish than the boss. She still has me beat by almost 15lbs with stripers, here's her 31lb striper:



That steelie was 20lbs almost on the button. There was a single week in Sep last year that steelies were just everywhere. We had three 10+ in two or three days. The 6th pic down is the gf with her ~13-15lber. It didn't have a great shape to it, but was still a pig. It was caught the day after the 20lber, had it been caught the day before the 20lber, I probably would have mounted the 15lber, then would have hade a really big decision on what to do with the 20lber!


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