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Oak Orchard Marine Park (West side of Oak Orchard River) Will Resume Charging $6

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Castile, NY, May 15, 2014 – In a effort to improve operational efficiencies, The Genesee State Park Region announces that automated vehicle use fee collection systems will be installed at the Conesus Lake State Boat Launch and the Oak Orchard State Marine Park (West side of Oak Orchard River) before Memorial Day weekend. The vehicle use fee of $6.00 will still be in effect with exact change, credit cards and debit cards being accepted.


The Oak Orchard Marine Park had been operated and maintained cooperatively by Orleans County since 2010 due to state budget constraints and the previous charged fee had not been collected during that time. State Parks is re-assuming full operation of the facility and the standard $6.00 fee, which was collected prior to 2010, will again be in effect.


The Empire Passport, Access Pass and Golden Park programs will be accepted at these locations. Participants in these programs should call the respective park offices for information on how to use these programs at the facilities. Call 585-493-3600 (Letchworth State Park) for Conesus Lake Boat Launch information or 585-682-4888 (Lakeside Beach State Park) for Oak Orchard State Marine Park information

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I used the west side facility for 16 seasons while rec. fishing and I support the modest charge. It's a nice facility, plenty of parking room, nice docking system and convenient  rr's that a few people continually trash. As long as it's kept up with the monies collected, which they have in the past, I personally never had any issue with the cost associated with using the facilities. It sure always beat the cluster that seemed to form on the east side...

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