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Another older Lund question - dang livewell ports

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Thanks for the input in my last post reassuring me that is no issue to move my drain plug from the inside well of the boat to the outside of the boat without fear of it coming out and leaving me in a rather terrible predicament.


So looking for advice/suggestions on my livewell ports.  So, 2000 1900 Pro Sport Lund.  Bench seats in the back that flip down on top of 2 livewell/baitwell.  Here is the problem, I didn't realize when I bought the boat that water can come inside the livewells from outside the boat from a small port (i.e. hole).  Only way you could get water in my dad's old fishing boat was to turn on a tank fill switch and let it pump up.  I thought thee was an issue because after a long day in the water, especially rougher water my livewells would be partly full, and sometimes one of them would be almost completely full.  I never hardly use livewells...I don't tournament fish so the fish get's either thrown back, or gets bonked the head and thrown in the livewell with a block of ice. 


the port is "funny, angled, cone-shaped, surrounded by a plasticized "grommet" I guess you would say...I have thought about plugging it somehow but never really have come across something that would do it adequately...apart from sticking the old sock inside with it hanging out the side of my boat.  I have been accused of being a bit of a redneck at times but I do have my limits.


It is probably the most aggravating feature of the boat.  I figured there was something wrong with the setup and I was in communication with the dealer and Lund who told me basically that this is the way they are made.  I am sure this poor design as long since been fixed...I mean if you don't want water coming into your livewell, you should be able to ensure that it doesn't.  I also thought you would be able to pump the water out of the wells to the outside - I originally thought that this is what the ports were for...going out, not coming in...instead, the wells can only be drained when out of the water and pulling drain plugs in the bottom.  Weird set up, I always thought there was a problem but Lund insisted no.  But if I can keep water from coming in, then I would be happy. 


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I have a pro-fisherman with the same setup. I bought it used and the ports were already plugged. The guy I bought it from said he got the plugs from Lowes, they fit perfect and don't leak a bit. Hope this helps.

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