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Apple Boy 5/18/14 Shake Down (Sodus)

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Got the boat launched saturday and tested out the autopilot. Everything was working well and we were ready for Sunday. Jon met me down at the boat at 5:30 and we had a calm day ahead of us. We started out of the chute trolling east. We ran two riggers with spoon programs and off the boards, had lead cores and flat lines with stick baits. Nothing really worked well for us. We worked from 20 ft to shoreline till about 8. We saw a lot of alewives swimming around in tight. With the time we spent in close we only saw one boat hook up. We then pointed north and set up two riggers two dipsys  and a short copper and 8 color lead core. We worked out to 120ft and found our best screen in the 110ft range. The bait was on the bottom to about 90 ft with occasional hooks on top of the bait. Other hooks  we marked were on the bottom with very few suspended. We threw down some yellow to try to get some lakers to go and finally at 11:00 we got the skunk out of the boat with a laker. The weather was great out on the lake today and hopefully the weather will cooperate again for this coming weekend. Boat ran great and looking forward to another great season! Tight lines- Apple Boy



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I was at the docks fishing for bass with my son. My basement got flooded and i was to tired to get up early and the bass were biting like crazy so we stayed there. I talked with a few guys who fished...two were skunked, The one that had fish was 3 lakers, and another hooked up 2 browns early and then nothing. Hoping it starts rolling next weekend!


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Kyle, like Tim said....one laker is better than ZERO fish and best part was you got the boat in the water and everything (including the new autopilot) ran well!  That is ALWAYS a good start!


Talk to you soon


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