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Starting to get all of my gear together for a trip to Olcott in July. Going to pre tie a bunch of leaders for dipsy fishing and re-do the leaders on my coppers. Targetting salmon.


What do you like (# test and length) for running spin doctors/flies off dipsys? - Spoons off dipsys?


What # and length do you like for copper leaders?


Any particular brand of flouro carbon for leaders?


And finally what size swivels should I get?

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I use 30-50 lbs big game for flashers.  15-20 lbs seaguar floro for spoons.  I run mine 10-12 feet long, you need a long net or have to hand-line the fish into the net.  For copper i run 20 lbs seaguar floro about 25-30 ft.  Not sure of the exact size swivels.  But they are small coastlock Torpedos, SPRO, Dreamweavers and Sampo.  Sometimes i use the stock Dreamweaver swivels that come on a spin dr for the flashers.

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I usually tie up a bunch of 4ft and 6ft leaders, and loop them around a 16" piece of swimming pool foamie so they are labeled and ready to go. I tried 8fters but they were more difficult to work with, and the shorter ones worked fine for me.

I switched to Seaguard leader material last season and lost so many LESS fish. I'm sold on Seaguard. I use 20 (or 25lb) and 30lb. The fish I lost weren't due to leader breaks.

Swivels---best luck with ball bearing welded ring sampo size #1 (30#) for spoons. Also great luck with SPRO. Man, their expensive though! I've heard good about Dreamweaver so may try some this year, but they are not as small as the #1 sampos... I'll use a smaller swivel on the lure end, and a larger one "up line" for the dipsy, SD, etc.

when wrapping around the foamie, the swivels push into the foamie and hold it nice and neat...Well...at least until you hit a pod of fish and tangle and are scrambling to re-rig!!!

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Walleyehunter----off topic, but you ever fish western basin Lake Erie? I'm heading there next month and it's been quite a few years since I've walleye fished. Do they still use Erie Dearies, or mainly troll these days? Should I bring the riggers? Maybe I'll start another thread thread for this.....

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