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Onondaga High levels of toxic mercury found in Onondaga Lake birds, bats; studies show web of contamination

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Well that sucks, last I heard they thought things were improving.  It does mention that in the article but overall it can't be good.  But then part of their plan to fix it was capping it with clay(?) so it's not too surprising the mercury is sneaking out.  Hope the eagles make out okay.

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1 day ago


The article and the fearful headline are based on six year old information from 2008. You also mention a 2012

study that shows a 95% drop in mercury in fish and insects. A 2012 SUNY study found a  39% drop of mercury 

levels in Song Sparrows.

Should not the article be about the possibility  that the clean up efforts may be having a positive effect in 2014?


Glenn Coin | [email protected] 1 day ago

@woodard @DYou make a good point, and one I tried to address in the story. The field work on these studies was done in 2008 and 2009, and mercury levels in the lake have dropped since. Regardless of the age of these studies, however, they're still part of the damages assessment portion of the Superfund law. That part of the law seeks to redress damages; in this case, the reduced reproduction of birds. The 2012 study by the ESF student shows lower levels in birds, but it's a smaller sample and the study areas don't overlap perfectly.


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