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Hi all- Have been playing with browns in Lake O this spring while counting down the days till musky season. Have had some great success, but still not the best at ID'ing all the species out there. What is this? My guess would be coho based on what i've read on here...post-146001-14007743999225_thumb.jpg

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That's a coho salmon (nice picture of one as well). Forked tail, spots only on top portion of tail, whitish/grey mouth instead of pure white (steelhead) or dark black (Chinook).


I think it's important to ID this fish properly, b/c it would not be a legal Atlantic at less than 25".


Edit: Atlantics also have spots on the gill area.


Thanks for sharing,



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ring on left hand finger


I say its a Suckser

Haha!    Ok thanks for the ID guys.  I was a bit confused with the atlantic ID as well... i originally thought it was a coho, but i'm still a newbie as far as trout/salmon go.   Have caught a few of these this spring and it was bugging me that i was not 100% sure what it was.   Tight lines

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WTF are you guys looking at?  That looks NOTHING like an Atlantic. That is a coho.


I agree and I have never caught one yet!

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