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Launched at 5:30.  2nd boat there.  Launch clean & driftwood.  Cleats painted yellow.  Water high so solo launch was easy.  Clear sky with a slight west wind.  River temp 58.5F & brown.  Very little wood in the water.  Tug & barge headed up-river.  (They’re dredging the river)




Anyways, everyone else talked about heading East so of course I take a left & head out.  Started in 80 & went to 160FOW & back.  Little too rough to handle boat & the boards so went strictly off the riggers.


Ain’t no fish off Russell!






5-24-14A_zps2efed3a6.jpg 5-24-14B_zps51bcc181.jpg 5-24-14C_zps23c85b98.jpg 5-24-14D_zps1d662678.jpg


Went 4 for 7.  All in 95-110 FOW off the rigger 20 down.  All clean fish.  Bloody Blk/Slvr spoon was the ticket for all.  Short leads, just under 3mph down-speed.   Would have hit the hom'r  but lost the beast  at the side of the boat after almost 20 minutes.  Now I know how the guy on “Wicked Tuna†feels.  Wasn’t 400 Lbs but easily 25.


All in all a beautiful day to be out on the water.  Wish all trips were like this one.  Pulled them up at 10:30.  Sailboats starting their races.  Maybe 8 trailers at the launch.  Joe’s back on duty again this year.  Heck of a nice guy.


Luck to all,


Tom B.




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