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Memorial Day Weekend @ Wilson

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Left the launch a bit after 6:00 on Saturday(and Sunday) and ran straight out of the chute to a couple waypoints we had from last year.

Sat down in 170 fow and had fish on the screen, Yahoo!

We scrambled our program into the water like a Chinese fire drill.

Boards, copper, flys, spoons, cheaters, were all out in record time!

We had heard it had been a spoon bite, so we ran a glow frog, moonshine green glow ladder, tropical thunder to start, along with others, but could not resist a couple flasher/fly combo's that we use on the East end.

Well the western fish sure liked them!

Mtn.Dew/Crush Glow with a Big Weenie Butterface kept firing, as did the Reverse Eyeball Man pulling a green-glow Atomic, but the spoons were working some as well.

Averaged a fish about every 20-30 minutes, with well over 12-14 or more total, missed about half as many more. Had a blast!

Best fish Saturday was an 18 lbs Coho, being boated by one of my son's friends that had never done this before..........he's hooked now!!

Sunday was slower but still boated 8.

Weather was killer, lake was flat, all our gear functioned as planned, including my on-board new solar battery charger, and a great fishing trip was enjoyed by us.

Damn good fishing!!!





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Nice Job Fish Hunter, we fished out of Olcott Sat and Sunday boated 22 of 32 all kings but two steelhead. Biggest was 29# with a few others in the 20's. Same program as out east Mnt Dew spin doctor with a hammer fly took a good share of the hits with most of the hits coming on the east troll. Was definitely a great weekend!

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We never caught one single King, Dave. All were Coho, every last one, both days.

Musta' been a pile of 'em schooled up there.

The majority were coming from about 100 ft down.

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We fished 140-200 FOW 40'-70' on riggers, 170-180' back on dipsy's (2 setting) and 300 coppers all took fish. Had to run slower than normal 1.8 to 2.0 was the best. Can wait to go back next spring, was nothing like we expected :) unbelievable catching a 29# spring king! If it wasn't such a haul would go back again this year!

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We hovered in the 170-190-200 fow.

We ran 2.2-2.5.

I'm trying to figure out a way to go back out as well..........soon...........hahaha.

Actually going to Oneida this Sunday with the liitle boat, wind permiting.

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