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Anyone try something like this in the great lakes?


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We took one of those and I made all flies and we put them on it then ran the fly in the middle a little farther back. The middle fly was the only one rigged. It looked AWESOME in the water like a bunch of bait fish darting around. Coolest looking thing I have ever tried to run. Never took a hit,lol I think its called an umbella rig. Had one with spoons that came on it and same thing. Looked good but the fish didnt like it. I might have to put all meat rigs on one someday.

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Yep... it is an umbrella rig... I've used them on the ocean effectively for bluefish rigged onto a rod with wire line. Bluefish are highly aggressive when feeding in schools and will hit anything that touches the water at the times of tide changes.

Just my take, but probably the only times you would stand a chance of the rig working and getting two kings to bite simultaneously would be at the bar in the Spring when they are feeding savagely and there are great numbers or in the Fall when they are hitting out of aggression and you're on a large school. Otherwise, you'd probably be wasting your time with it, nevermind the mess in the net if you did draw a bite!

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