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Southtown Walleye Tournament


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We fished east of Sturgeon Pt. since Saturday we caught 40 today, caught 30 Monday, ,8 Sunday, and 12 on Saturday. Unfortunatly only one that we could weigh in, but man did we have some fun. We caught some on 2-5 color lead, 4 oz. Shark Torpedo divers, and some on 30 jets. All came on harnesses some we were using an ITO EYE FLY, and all were juiced up with a dose of Kishel's Fish Scent..

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Out right now not nearly as bad as I thought it was gonna be 2 and 3 ft. Got three this morning all over 7.5 one 9 lbs. haven't seen a fish under 5 all week. Just got back out of dunkirk

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