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king salmon fishing at nite


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during the heat of the summer   has anyone tried fishing  for  Kings at night.  With  all the glow stuff out there  now   I would think  to see  many boats out there  in the wee hours?

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I would say in a full moon the fish might be more willing to bite. Had my best trip ever catching our first fish at about 9 pm and they wouldn't stop hitting so we had to stay til midnight. Hard to land but we went 6 for 15 or so. This has happened twice of pry 8 attempts, when they don't want to bite after sun down ull wash lures

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I really like the twilight bite. But once that sun is below the horizon, time to head in.

I don't like it, don't think it's that effective, and it's too dangerous boating at night.


I've seen lots of guys doing it, and sure some may catch fish, but I don't think it is

as productive as day fishing.

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