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Cayuga lake 6/07

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Launched out of long point a little late this mornin started right off with engine problems but made it out headed south then turned around and went back towards aurora got back around the launch and hit one three pound laker on a black evil eye and as soon as that pole went back down got another hit on the slider line with a orange nk and got a 3 pound brown 45 feet down or so. Made it about to aurora and big motor quit with fuel issues we think carb is gummed up so turned around and made a very slow and painful trip back to the launch with the kicker.post-152469-14021753534897_thumb.jpg

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The lamprey was still on the brown when we netted it and we haven't even looked at the main yet. It has run perfect everytime we started it but I think we sucked something up through the fuel. Or it could be because it's one of those nasty bow tie motors in it lol

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