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Got up around 4:00 this morning, met my Dads buddy at his house to get the boat, and cleared the rocks around 6:30. Started setting up in 120 fow off the Nose and pointed North. Around the 180 mark the rigger on my Dads side fires off with a 5lb Steelhead. Fish came on a SS Caramel Dolphin 36 feet down 30 feet behind the ball. When we hit the 200 mark the Torpedo diver on my side starts screaming and a nice steelie comes flying out of the water! Fish came on FL King of Sting with the green back! The lure was set 25 feet off the torpedo and set back 150! We caught 3 fish today on that set up! One Laker and another steelie! Once the West chop started kicking the rigger rods started firing a bit more! Had a couple ticklers but didnt trip the release. We got back into the 180 mark and the back rigger on my Dads side fires off with a steelie! Fish came on the Finger Lakes Black Mamba! 47 feet down 40 feet back. After we landed that fish I made a switch on my back rigger. I put down an NK I won a few years back. Im not sure the name of the spoon so I call it the Green Rouge! Its a Green MAG with 3 neon green dots with black surrounding the dots. Anyway I set that spoon 30 feet back 60 feet down. It wasn't in the water for a minute and that rod fires off with a small steelie. I set that spoon back down and 5 minutes later it fires off with a very nice steelie probably about 10lbs. We played around in the 100 foot mark and were marking fish but couldn't get anything to go. Surface temp out in 200 was 42 degrees, but in the 100 foot it was 55. We were off the water by 11. We went 7-8!

Good Luck, Tight Lines, Screaming reels

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