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Wanted to post our first trip on Lake Ontario.  All the guys here have been great about giving us advice.  We left Olcott at 10:30 am Saturday morning because we wanted to make sure we missed the morning rush and it being a new port we didnt know what to expect.  We went 4 for 8 all on  FF, NBK flasher with a green fly is what worked for us.  Caught our biggest salmon ever on the boat....a 19 pounder.  This tells me that the fish here are definitely bigger than Lake Michigan.  All fish came in 230-270 ft of water on a East troll about 50 feet down.  Big difference here seems to be that when you mark fish you get a hook up.  In Lake M we would mark fish 20 times before we took a hit.


Once again thanks again for all the friendly advice. 

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