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Fished with Erupprecht this morning and my brother, we fished water from 100' out to 240' East of the bay. We went 5 for 8 with one skippy and 4 steelhead. I think we were at a severe disadvantage of not having lead core set-ups as we saw everyone doing very well. We fished 2 riggers, a slide diver, ran a dodger/peanut fly combo and tried one wire. It was pretty cool to see one Steelhead to come to the net with an Alewife stuck in his throat!

Colors that caught fish

DW Wonderbread

DW SS 42nd

DW Carmel Dolphin

Stinger Blue Dolphin

Red 00 dodger & peanut fly

What a gorgeous morning to be out there even though we ourselves struggled. Can't wait until next weekend!





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WTG Tomy - that's an awesome pic of the steelhead with the Alewive sticking out its' mouth!

Glad you guys found the fish! It was great talking with you today.

Good luck and be safe,


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