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I-Bay 6/8/14 - Best Day I've ever had on the water- UPDATE VIDEO ADDED

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I fished with my great buddy Anthony today, and we agreed that it was the best day we ever had on the water. We landed 29 out of 34 fish, and had one of those days that you cherish, as it's not likely to ever happen again. I have often read reports of these dream catch days with some skepticism, but as I witnessed today it really can happen. I know we all keep saying this, but we are so blessed to have such a great fishery, and something that I'm very thankful that is preserved by so many on this board. I am grateful for those who work on the pen rearing projects and dedicate their knowledge and time with biologists, the DEC, etc. to make this better year after year.

We fished north and east of the Bay, anywhere from 110 to 330 fow and it all started the moment the large ESSROC Stephen Roman passed us to the south the minute we dropped rods.

We had doubles, triples, two fish on one rod (deep rigger lure and the cheater) and two instances where a steelhead hit while I was letting the line out with my thumb still on the spool.

The name of the game for us today was lead core, lead core and more lead core, although we also had hits on riggers and a wire diver.

A slower troll seemed best today (2.1 - 2.2 on my Subtroll) but direction of the troll didn't matter at all. There were countless scumlines and temperature breaks that held fish and every time we made a pass through one, we had action.

Anthony's idea to head deeper was the best advice of the day as it held great schools of fish, and a fish in a bigger weight class.

I have never seen so much action on lead core, but 80% of our fish came on three, five and seven color cores and most of this was non stop in SSW, Buffalo Bill and NBK patterns. We caught lake trout, steelhead, coho and Chinook on each of these presentations.

The following all took fish today:

NK 42 sec rigger
Andy's salmon slapper free slider
Carbon 14 Regular size rigger
DW SS Glow frog high rigger (early on)

NBK five color core
Buffalo Bill Regular DW three color core
Steelie Stomper (early on) three color core
DW Standard SSW seven color core

Wire Diver - 215' out, Livewire Spinny/mirage fly

Anthony and I were making a lot of noise out there cheering each other on, but it was a day of non-stop fantastic action with fish torpedoing out of the water hit after hit, and a day I will never forget.

Good luck to all - be safe and tight lines,




Here's the video from last week:





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Great job Chris and Anthony I am Jealous.I am still dreaming of numbers like that.I stopped fishing out of Rochester and Ibay years ago and started fishing further West. Your reports have been making me rethink that.Thanks for the great report as always.

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Good deal, once again rochester is still the most consistent port on the lake. We are kicking butt from 4/1 till now, and it is still getting better. The class of steeelhead is superior. The kings are getting fatter. Can't wait to pick on the bt's again.

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Congrats on your banner day. I had a day like that 3 years ago with the smallies, we were trolling for eyes off the tip of Galloo and kept catching smallies, so we ankered up and started casting with jigs, fished off all our minnows, then worms, then all our yellow twister tails, and kept catching them on just a little yellow jig head, we must of caught over a hundred YES a hundred smallies, finally we had enough and called it a day. I will never forget that day, my uncle still talks about that day. The interesting thing was we took my cousin to the exact same spot the next day and we couldn't buy a fish, they were gone, I guess we were at the right place at the right time. Totally amazing you just never know what might happen on Lake O!!

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Hands down, this is the most stellar fishing day ever in front of my own eyes!

Captain Chris has done it again! The lead core combos in his arsenels have made our day! I only own one lead core set on my boat and I will get a pair shortly.

I hope the good lord did not hear us screaming too much on the lake. We must have attracted the other boats with our loud celebrations.

The best part was when Chris found a pod of sky rocketing steelheads. One after another, steel bows kept on coming at you non- stop.

I would not expect another 29 catches in a single day. Let this one go into the book of I Bay records.

Thank u capt Chris fir a great day on the water.post-140030-14023147885396_thumb.jpg

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Don't happen often, (unless yer good like me),,Sounds like fun ,,Its easy to figure how to do it ///

Choose the right spot,the right temp,the right speed,the right pressure.....Ok no explanaining sometimes but it shure is cool when it happens

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Wow, that does sound like a dream day. They don't come around very often for me. One thing is for sure. You can bet I will be running lead cores this weekend!


Congrats, and thanks for the details. I can always use some help.

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Epic Day - glad you got some serious action. Been doing ok, but your post has me thinking of shopping for lead core. Thanks for the report and intel.

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