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It was one of those days today...in a good way! We caught fish from the surface to 50' down, trolling mainly between 180-220 fow. Both spoons and plugs in any shade of steelhead red :) with a 1 oz Dive Bomb were good off the boards , no real pattern to the deeper fish, with both kings and steelies coming on NBKs, Monkey Puke, Wonderbread, the whole arsenal was firing. Riggers from 35 to 50 stacked with sliders set 12' above the ball and wire divers set 100 to 140' on a 2 1/2 setting. Lots of double and triples. The steel put on an aerial show; even a couple lakers came out to play. Here's one of our doubles...the chromer is nearly as big as the king. Good times.



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Those are nice fish! I was out in the same water with some excellent action. Mag Purple Thunder with glow ladder on full leadcore was hot, taking three steelies. Took two kings, both on die hard 28 down 40 and 50. Kings were high teens and the steelies were 9, 10, 12lbs and all very acrobatic.post-140339-0-29633100-1402281826_thumb.jpgpost-140339-0-01720700-1402281874_thumb.jpg

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