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Fair Haven Weekend Re-Cap 6/7 - 6/8

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Ran Solo on Saturday morning from 6-1030. I managed two Lakers and lost one nice fish (think it was a King by the way it was fighting). I worked water from 70-150 and ran 2 color lead of the boards, a 5 color down the chute and one rigger down 30-70 with free slider. The 5 color down the chute took both lakers pulling a Steelie Dan spoon and the one i lost came off the rigger down 70 pulling a frog spoon and a free slider glow frog.




On Sunday Dad came out with me and we were set up and fishing by 630. My setup was 2 color lead off the board pulling Steelie Dan spoon. 2 riggers one at 35 and one at 50 pulling mix of spoons.5 color lead down the chute with spoon and 2 dipseys pulling Flasher/Fly combos. The 2 color lead fired within 15 minutes with a nice fighting steelie coming to the boat. Marked some fish but couldnt rods to fire the rest of the morning. i worked from 80-230 FOW trying everything from 10-90 down  Was a nice morning to be on the lake even though i couldnt get my program dialed in.



On a side not i came across this while fishing. I have never seen anything like it before. I was in 105 FOW. Maybe just bait but it almost had too much definition to it (too solid). it was rougly 15-20 feet tall. Im thinking just a massive bait pile any thoughts?






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I believe they are large schools of baby  browns. Many have been centered between the second bluff and moon beach...If you see one approaching your screen drop the lines right above them and get ready lol.. We pulled two small ones out last week with that tactic....but they are small....


Set your lines way back too lol, thats what we did when we got the two fish on the one rod last week (via a slider).


my opinion lol

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We had a fantastic weekend out of Fair Haven.  Both Sat and Sun we were out and set up by 5:30 AM. Started at 100 FOW. Worked in that area for about 45 minutes, then headed out.  Caught our 1st fish about (5:45 Sat) (6:30 Sun)Am in 160FOW.  Worked out to about 220FOW.  Most fish came between 180 and 210FOW. Ran planners with a spoon with a 1 ounce dive bomer on top.  Lead line down the chute and riggers between 25 and 55 dn. 7 colors out on the lead line.  Everything on spoons.  Had a few spinny/fly and flasher/flys out but no hits. Most hits taken on black magic and the wrecking ball.   Mostly steelies, coho, post-146574-0-92796200-1402331355_thumb.jpg with a few kings and an occassional lake trout.  Had steady action both days. Largest King weight 22.5lb.

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my weekend was great had to work for them but we managed 20+ hits sat and sunday alot of steelies with some kings mixed in. riggers 35-41-55 down. nbk,glow froggy, and yuck spoons. and of course flat lines off the boards 120-130 back boards as far out as possible. tons of bait in 90-100 fow. nothing new for this time of year. but never took a fish around it, marked them but couldnt get them to hit. best depth was 130-240 . north south trolls. in front of blind sodus all the way to the silos. 

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