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New trolling video from Denmark ...


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I have make som new trolling movies i want to share whit you Guys on the other side of the World ;)


The first one it a trailer to my 35. minutes long movie to our trip to Hesslö in Sweden to get salmon.





This one is from a place call Abykäs in Sweden, from last year. It calls "Salmon Party ind Baltic Sea"




You can see all my movies at Youtube here


Please enjoy ;)


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Tanks all ;)

I Love the reply : the littel harttop whit tuna door :D :D :D


Trolling is very popular ind Denmark/Sweden/Finland and we godt a lot of competitions.

The biggest is the TV-station who give 15.000$ for the biggest salmon in a 4 days competition.


A littel trailer to the kontest here :


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What species of Salmon are these in the videos? They look like a cross between Atlantic and Coho. Certainly Atlantic Salmon are adaptable to both freshwater and Ocean water, The Great Lakes have them as well as many lakes and rivers in Maine and Canada. Great videos you guys fish very similar to the way we troll on the Great Lakes. Good to your next fishing season.  Tight Lines!!!

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Very nice videos. Looks like our kind of folks catching our kind of fish with similar equipment and good to see! :yes::)

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