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Just stopping by to say hi


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It's been awhile since i have been to the board, a lot has changed. Been fishing the salt most of the time. Parked the RV at the Jersey shore, sold the truck to pull it and put the lake boat in a slip near the RV. This will be the second year I won't be up at the lake to fish and I miss it.


Don't know when I will be back but hope to someday.


Just wanted to check in and say hi to all of my Lake O friends and wish everyone a safe and good season.



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Hey buddy, miss talking to ya.  Hey, you aren't really missing much. Clean fresh "salt free" crystal clear water, heart pounding screaming drags and 600 foot blistering runs multiple times a day resulting in back pain, noodle arms and - oh yeah,  20- 30 pound king salmon.  Steelhead and brown trout fishing has been okay, only 10 - 20 fish a day on average. Nothing like pulling in sea robins and skates all day though :)  Lake trout have become a nuisance fish, Can't keep those 10 lber's off the line some days. No one likes pulling in 600 ft of copper to find a 10-15 lb lake trout attached to the hook.  Man.....like sucks up here some days.  :)



I'm sure you are having a blast pulling in the flounder and strippers and the Blue Fin fishing late last summer sounded GREAT! You must be eating good down there buddy!!  If the BF show up out there in the Chicken Canyon area in good numbers again I wanna go this year, so send me a text!!

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