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The last two weekends I was able to get out for two half days out of Sodus on the Revolution.  Both days turned out well with great weather and good June fishing.


6/7 - Solo trip and first of the year.  Worked 100' out to 150 with most of my time spent between 115'-130'.  Ran a combination of spoons and Flasher/fly rigs, both off riggers and dipsies.  Ended the day 4 for 7, 3 kings and one steelie.  The three lost hook-ups were acrobatic steelies that came off on the surface.  One king was 14.5 pounds taken at 117' out 235' on a dipsy pulling a white board green dots and green fly, the second nice king was 16.5 pounds and came at 127', 55' down off a rigger pulling a green board with green fly.  The rest of the fish were all caught or lost on various spoons, both green and orange took fish, all off riggers around 40-55'.


6/15 - What a great father's day, except that I wish I had brought the long underwear and a winter coat!  Luckily there was a hot bite early in the morning to keep us going, it seemed to slow quite a bit mid morning as soon as the sun came out.  We worked 150'-200' with pretty much the same program as the week before. We ended up 7 for 10 with one 10 pound king on a dipsey out 180', green board with a green fly, a nice 9 pound steelie on a revolution spoon down 55' off a rigger and a 16 pound king down 45' on a dolphin stinger. 


The bonus for the last two trips was the fact that 4 out of the 11 fish taken were on spoons designed and made out of my garage.  It was very rewarding to build something from raw material and a little brain power  and have the fish eat it up! 









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Nice going and great report. I know what you mean about the home made stuff I've been doing it for years (spoons and flies) and one of the best moments of my life was when my dad caught a money lake trout in the Seneca Derby (and was leading for the first day) the year before he died and it was on one of my home made spoons.




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Very Nice Job. I got out mid morning just as the bite was shutting down.


Next time you are out of Sodus give us a shout out on channel 9. Bunch of good guys sharing info as long as there is no tourney going on.

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BAZOOKAJOE - My boat is small but it gets the job done...on the nicer days of course.  You always dream of a bigger and better boat, but I am thankful for what I have! 


The mark on the fish was interesting.  The fin was completely removed, and very little scar tissue.  The circle area looks about right for a lamprey, but it healed very clean.  I think may just been an injury from something else.  You can see that the bottom of the tail was pretty ragged too, maybe a trip into a tributary?


I have fished out of Sodus the last three years and have appreciated the radio talk and posts on this site.  As I am starting to get the hang of fishing the area I will sure to add any information when I can.  I will make sure to let you know on channel 9 when I am out, probably won't be until the weekend after next, which is gonna kill me!!!

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