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We left the creek around 4:30 in search of some decent action. Jolly was out in the am and did a  bunch of fish out in 300+.  A surface break was out there and some fish were hanging on the outside edge in the colder water.  Last night that temp break was as much as 8 degrees!.  We fished through it trolling north and south most of the time.  Early on it was lots of steel. Coming off the 2,3 and 7 color lead cores. Warriror flutter and Dreamweavers were taking a good share of the action.   We decided to continue on a north troll.  Around 400'  the kings started to bite. The first king  came on a diver: white/green dot spinny/ITO Fly.  150 ' out.  Our diver meat rig out 300' also took 2 shots, but lost both during the fight.    We worked 350-400 for the remainder of the evening and ended with a mixed bag of Steelhead, Lakers and Kings. We had anywhere between 42-50 degrees surface temp.  What a beautiful night to be on the lake. post-139677-0-76899100-1402937010_thumb.jpgpost-139677-0-97938800-1402937020_thumb.jpg

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