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Fished early yesterday morning out of Sodus and using a Hughes report that fish were over a 220'fow I figured I would set up in 150' and head north. Set out a 3 color leadcore with wonderbread, a 10 color with fire frog, deep rigger with pro troll and green fly set 90' to start, mid rigger at 60' with dirty white boy and watermelon cheater, high rigger 40' with mixed veggie and Steelie stomper cheater, and of course my favorite mag diver with white pearl glow SD and blue hammer fly, set back 240' on a #2 setting.

Didn't take long (6am) when we hit 200fow and the mag diver takes a rip and we boat the first really nice Salmon of the year at 19lbs! Game on Sodus!!! About 40 minutes later, same mag diver takes a 14lb king and then the diver is silent the rest of the day.

Next 4 fish are all steelies, two taken on the 10 color, one taken on the 60 rigger, but the big one.... The 9lber took the wonderbread on the 3 color and put on one great aerial display, jumping close to 10 times before being netted and returned to fight another day. All these fish were taken around the 215-230fow range, as you could see the temp break and partial scum line. Surface temp was about 49.5, with 48 degree water inside and colder water outside. I never went past 240, and found the west troll caught more fish.

We got into one nice 11lb king on the 10 color around 9:30am and doubled up with a small Steelie on the 3 color while my buddy was reeling it in. I changed out lures on all the riggers and played with depths, but except for a couple swings and a miss, and the one small Steelie, they were quiet.

We needed to start clearing lines around 11am, and so I cleared all the riggers and mag diver, leaving the leadcores for last, since they had produced the best. It was a good call. Just before clearing them, the 10 color takes a small hit and I could tell it wasn't much, but was letting my buddy (newbie) reel it in....after all it's 10 color, so let him have it... Hahahaha... About a minute in, the 3 color takes a better rip and I tell him to give me the little fish and have fun with the bigger fish. Mine was a small skippie king. His gave him a very good fight and I was having a hard time guessing what it was, as it was staying down. Finally got a glimpse about 25' behind the boat, just before it made another couple runs. It was a feisty laker... 11lbs as it turned out.

We finished 10-11 on a picture perfect day. All fish between 205 and 230 fow. Little current, but not bad. Not a ton of bait pods, but definitely fish in the area! Great to see the silvers have moved in!!!

~Jason post-149426-14030162266455_thumb.jpgpost-149426-14030162421923_thumb.jpgpost-149426-14030162562237_thumb.jpg

~ Jason

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Nice job! i saw similar conditions on sunday out of hughes with temps colder on surface than you. N/S troll best for me, wish i got a king! haven't heard a screamer yet ... ! b fuller left over pizza was my hot lure on the five color.

Dang dude I guess I gotta know what's a " ! b fuller left over pizza" ?

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fished west of hughes today.the best action was in close 35 to 50 ft. surface plugs ,chartuse jointed rapala brownies..Other fish came on riggers 15 ft down,wonderbread was hot along with diamond king chartuse and glow tape.had several hits and a medium salmon out at 90 ft.

 Good Steel head was  out deeper but had to cut my day.short and quit at noon.

Expect to go am if weather permits.

It was a grand day to be out on the lake.These days we have it mostly  to ourselves which is sad considering past years we had lots of good company .

Should be a good summer but where did all the bait we had earlier go ?????

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