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Battery for downrigger

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my motor is a pull start and not hooked up to a charging system I have a deep cycle that I hook the electric up to but I rarly use that any more can I run electrics off of that for a full day?  would love to upgrade to some used electrics the manuals are rough on my sholder (chronic issues)

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I don't want to hijack this thread but this is close to what I hope to do.

I plan on adding a deep cycle battery to work in parallel with my cranking battery and have my new cannon dt 10 run off the deep cycle with my accessories. In addition I would note that my cranking motor charges up the cranking motor from one side and when trolling the kicker charges the deep cycle from the other side when trolling. I am using a fuse block.

Is there anything wrong with my plan to run these batteries in parallel to one another? Any and all thoughts would be most appreciated!

Thanks in advance


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Hey there


i have a switch between my cranking and deep cycle batterie

when im booting my main i charge both batteries then i close the swich to off

when im trolling my kicker only charges my deep cycle


that way when im ready to leave im sure my all my acc including downrigger didnt take the juice out of my main batterie

the thing connected to my main batteries are pump and intrument on dash


i use a bussbar on deepcycle batterie



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