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    • Oops Got the moisture out... Pulled the wires.

      Any Old Apleco 365 display units out there? If so can any one take a picture of the wires... Or want to sell it? Tool mine apart, left on dash to get condensatio out, forgot to put it back together... And well.. Wires pulled out... I probably should just upgrade... But that means pulling old transducers and filling holes in my aluminum boat... Figure I would try here before starting a headache   Sent from my VS425PP using Lake Ontario United mobile app    

      in Tackle Description

    • oops

      Today I had a goof and got my first dq in 6 years of tourney. Fishing. I feel pretty dumb, but the past 3 years I have fished pro and once in the open. I got complacent thinking I know the rules because I fished so many of these and I am also used to the pro rules. I got thinking for some reason since they upped the am limit to 9 fish that we could run 8 rods. Nope....only 6 rods. I had givin my rules to our observer because he wanted them. I did ask the observer on our boat, and he thought

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    • The Landsharks Oops (pics) Kick me!!!!

      I decided to take a little bit of a break from chasing walleyes all over the state. The girlfriend and I decided to head to Oswego for my first King attempt of the year. Trolled around looking for fish and put a couple little coho in the boat. Then I happen to look at one of the rods and it looked like it picked up a log. No bounce just a steady dead weight. I popped the rod free and gave a tug. Felt like a log. All the sudden the log started pulling back. :shock: After a s

      in New York Fishing Reports - Lake Ontario (South Shore)

    • Oops!!

      I hope this isn't anybody we know! From the Monroe County Fire Wire http://www.mcfw.com Lake Shore Firefighters Responded for a boat stuck in on the ice with two people on Buck Pond. The call originally come in as Round pond about a mile away from the actual incident. 2C-170 was on location with two people in a boat stuck in the ice about 200 yards of shore. Both people were removed from the pond with the assistance of two water rescue team members from Lake Shore. 2C-30 was command and 2C-50

      in Open Lake Discussion

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