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set up in 45 fow hunting for pig browns in the fog. 4 flat lines 2 riggers. was set up by 6 am 6:10 first rod fires in 50 fow small steelhead on a yellow tux 100' back with a 1oz keel sinker. fog burned off by 730ish so we began working out deeper next fish hit about 8ish on a flat lined blk/silver rapalla 125 back. soon after boating that small steelhead the 225 dipsey fires in 140 fow with a 9 lb laker on an AAF black jaw bandit fly and an nbk SD. while netting the laker the blk/silver j-11 fires again with a small steelhead. after resetting lines the 225 dipsey fires again with another 9lb laker. working out deeper the other dipsey took a hit but came off just as fast this was in 240 fow 185 out with a watermelon AAF fly on a white with green dot SD. then shortly after the 55 rigger fired in 250 fow with a carbon 14 in came a skippy king followed shortly after by another small steelhead. while picking up lines at about  1pm in 285 fow the black jaw fly took another smack and we boated another small steelhead. we finished at 7 for 9 nothing big to write home about. wish I could lock into some kings!!! back at it on sunday!!


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fished in front of hughes and west. Boated several trout.lakers steelhead and a few kings. All fish on orange and silve ms.One large steelie on monkey puke .most fish were at about 200 to 230

It was a wonderful day . I took a few friends who have never boated big fish before..It was so nice to be fishing with people who didnt fall alseep on the boat.Didnt get sick neither.lol

All this good fishing and going to waste.We need more boats .Twenty years ago there would have been a dozen or more boats out there .today I saw one about two miles

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