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Honeoye Any good times at Honeoye recently?

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Have there been any good times for anyone on Honeoye Lake in the last month or so...? I'm asking about decent walleye action, night or day. I don't mean like what Justin and Tracy do at Otisco, but a couple, two or three or whatever....some OK activity? Also, have there been any decent smallie catches? I know the largemouths can keep anyone there busy....any brutes landed? Also, how about Hemlock or Canadice? Just any good outings in one of those lakes..... :wondering:

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I was their lookin for them today. Had plenty of marks in 21ft, all over the water column. Jigged up a few bass. I think I had one hooked,,but never saw it. Wind picked up around 4-5pm. Had nice chop. Thought I would lift a few in between kneeboard rides.

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