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Fishing is still slow...we started in 50 FOW looking for browns lots of bait and some marks but only managed a skippy king off 3 color core.

We pulled up and headed deep and fished out to 420 FOW but water just kept getting colder so we headed back in and fished 230-270 FOW 

we ended up 5 for 8 with a laker a brown and 3 skippy kings. Rigger bite for the most part 30-40 down.

We all knew this was coming and will just slug it out till the thermocline sets up...soon I hope!


 Heres a video of one of the fish being caught




Good luck all




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Awesome job - thanks for the video! Way to get some fish in tough conditions.


You call that one in the video a skippy king? That looked pretty good sized to me!


Be safe and good luck - BTW what make and color is your boat? I'll have to keep an eye out for you out there and give you a "good luck" wave next time we're out!!


- Chris

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At least some action. Going to give it a shot tomorrow night anyways.

Video is nice. I need a bigger boat. That is one heck of a spread of rods there.

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Yeah we saw you at launch yesterday. We been fishing out of I Bay from bear creek all the way to Braddocks bay last 4 days and it's really slow. Went 2 for 5 today. Marked a lot of fish and bait off Braddocks today butt another case of lockjaw! I think we have only put 20 fish in the boat in 4 days. Mostly lakers, steelhead ,browns. Trolled 6 to 8 hrs all 4 days.

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