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Oneida 6/27 Evening Troll

Miss em

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Ended up scratching out 8 keepers and 6 shorts in the 30 to 40 fow North of Shakelton.  Bare Naked Reef Runner and copper spoons were best fished near bottom.  Action was not hot and heavy but sure was a nice evening.  Buddy of mine was up there same time as us drifting worm harnesses near 123 and only hooked one.

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No where even in the same zip code as Shackleton Point, with almost no boats near us whatsoever,  but we had a tough time keeping a particular J7 in the water for a while.

Caught 15 fish total, with 2 doubles, including our 6 NICE keepers hovering at the 18-19" range, and was basically done by 8:00 am, and ran back in by 9:30 to beat the heat.(too lazy to put the top up)

Oneida has warmed considerably in the deeper water during the past week.

With the 3-day, 4th-of-July weekend coming, I know where I'll be in the mornings.

Batting a perfect score on Oneida this year so far, but in spite of that, hopefully Ontario will be setting up soon, and we'll be concentrating our efforts up there well before the end of July.

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South shore is a really shallow launch, its moslty all sand though.  If you head a couple more miles east you could launch at Fremac as its much deeper launch.  Unfortunately its not free like the state launch.  Will cost ya 10 or 15 bucks to launch at Fremac.

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