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temperatures for kings


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I was always told run bottom rigger at 42 degrees and top rigger at about 52 degrees. Then the other right up the middle I also start with my two dipsy at those high and low temp to start my trolling. Once first fish hits then we start focusing in on most active temp. That's would be my salmon set up. Off shore I run the boat till find low 50 degree water this time of yr and lots of flat lines and high riggers. When all else fails I go in 80-100 fow look for cold 40 degree water sitting on bottom for lakers.

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I look for 42 deg for the bottom of my spread and the rest of the baits go above there. Kings, particularly mature kings like to hang in the ice water when they are not actively feeding. They will move up into warmer water to feed butthen drop back down to the cold stuff.

They will still smack a bait down there and every year, most of my bigger kings come from that 42 deg water, other that 1st thing in the morning when all bets are off, that time of day you can catch big kings 25 feet down over 50-60 fow, but once the sun is up, baits get dropped deeper.

That is why my first rod out in the morning is my starboard wire diver, slowly creeping out on a light drag, fishing its way out to where I intend to set it. You'd be amazed how many times that gets whacked before I can even get the probe rigger in the water, with not more than 60-70 feet of wire out.


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