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Hi, retired HVAC tech who lives in Mpls, MN and has just in the last couple of years got into great lakes fishing.

I fish Superior mostly, but hope to do some traveling once the wife retires in about a year and a half.


Found this site looking for torpedo weights, decided to stay awhile.  :)


Probably not much fishing help I can offer, but maybe in the HVAC field I might be able to offer a suggestion or two.





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Welcome Al..Hang awhile and You will pick up a ton of knowledge from these guys.I lurk on the great lakes forums also trying to get info as well.The people here are incredible..non selfish and always willing to lend a hand.I am sure someone will take you up on your hvac knowledge..I have been fortunate enough to gain a wealth of knowledge here as well as make some friends and enjoy the great fishing we have here..best of luck to you



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