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Yankee @ the Oak 6/28-6/29 w/ some Brown Trout!

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June 28th - We broke the pier heads around 6:30am with a plan to go Brown Trout fishing. Lake Trout have been fun, but it’s time to move on if there are other options! We don’t typically fish Browns in the Summer, but if you don’t try you can’t catch them!

We set up around Eagle Creek and trolled it West. From there we began to dial in a Brownie program. The best water looked to be in the 35-45, range, and an Eastern troll produced more fish. We ran our three Cannon DT10s from 25’ down to the bottom. Leads were 50-70’ and this is where most of our bites came from. A Stinger Sea Sick Waddler was our hot bait on our Cannons. We also ran 2 wire divers on a 3 setting out 40-60’, and two five color cores. The cores were going with a Stinger UV Sea Sick Waddler. It was fun fishing for these fish, and we were able to put a nice fish on the Summer Lake Ontario Counties (LOC) Leaderboard!







June 29th - Our charter canceled on us, so we grabbed some friends and went fishing! We left the dock at 5am, and went back to the Brown Trout waters from the day before. Today 30-35’ seemed to be better for us. It didn’t take long and we were into them. At first light glow cupped Stingers were going. A Mullato on our Cannon out and down, and a glow Alewife on a diver out 55 on a 3 setting. Once the sun came up the divers got hot, and they wanted Stinger Sea Sick Waddlers! Our riggers would rot, and our cores were only good for a few bites. We picked at them all morning, and called it a day around noon.







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What would I be doing up @ 5 AM on the lake already holding a brown trout ????????



Hmmmmmmm............ Now @ 7:30 AM in the same spot catching a brown trout bigger than yours for the L.O.C board maybe.......................



TWINS............HaHaHa  I just bought my 1st. pair of Crocs to wear on their boat.

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