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Sandy Creek Shootout 2014-July 26, 2014

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We are pleased to announce the 5th annual Sandy Creek Shootout.  The format and rules are the same as last year.   Quality Homes of Rochester will again be providing a $ 500.00 guaranteed cash prize for the largest salmon.  Entry can be made via PayPal link below or with cash by contacting one of the derby committee members.  The offical Shootout rules are attached to this post.  Please remember to provide us with a boat name, captain name and cell phone number. 


Date: July 26, 2014 (Weather day will be July 27, 2014)

Start: 5:30 am with weigh in at 2:00 p.m.

Structure" Largest 4 fish combined weight per boat, 2 person minimum per boat, 8 rod limit per boat, 100 % Payout, Largest Salmon- $ 500 Cash, Largest Steelhead and Brown prizes.

All boats must leave and return to Sandy Creek


:star: SIGN UP TODAY  :star:


Check out the tournament Facebook page for a list of tournament sponsors.


We will be having a Big Fish Friday tournament this year.  Check LOU post for more details.  


Make sure to join us for the SCS tournament party on Friday night @ Nuts Corners!




Feel free to PM me with any questions.



Marina Info and dockage...


Pro Marine and East Fork Marina
Owner- Tom Barbera
236 Lake Rd east

Hamlin, NY 14464 
(585) 964-2694
ice, boat launch, docking, service

Sandy Creek Marina
Owner- Bruce Butcher

8 Lake Road East fork

Hamlin, NY 14464-9704
(585) 964-8189
ice, boat launch, e-free fuel, docking

Sleepy Hollow Marina
Owner- Frank
200 Lake Road East Fork
Hamlin, NY 14464-9708




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I have nailed down Hamlin Hideaway @ Nuts Corners for our Friday night pre tourney party. Its the same place as the previous years. They have a full menu and bar.

Again, this is Friday July 25th after 5pm.

Also, someone will be collecting a Calcutta this night also.

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Paypal is up and working!


Although I cannot fish this event, I am very happy to see that you have Paypal available to pay. I'm not sure why more tourneys don't except Paypal. It is so much easier than mailing checks and/or driving half way across the state to enter a tourney or Big Fish Friday event. In most cases I would be happy to pay the additional paypal fee just so I wouldn't have to drive or even mail out a check.


Nice Job!

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Anyone that wants to enter the Calcutta and can not make the Friday night get together at Nuts Corners, contact me and I will meet up with you to get you entered. 

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Have you guys ever considerd doing the big fish tournament on Sunday on Friday instead? Just curious, I think more boats would get in it since they are pre fishing anyway? Maybe do the prizes at nuts corners after? Like I said just a thought.

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