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7/3 I Bay Double D Making Lemonade

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Well the brown party was over and our grand plan of catching browns in tight was over before it started,warm water spilled in close warmer on bottom that the surface 69 degrees . We made 2 quick passes in front of shipbuilders and headed north.

Water finally started to get colder after 100 FOW . We had riggers set deep and Coppers off the otters.

Took a 5 lb laker on the 300 copper also a skippy as well as another skippy off a Sea sick waddler on rigger 61' down( finally caught a fish on SSW !)

Lots of bait a few hooks but same story, not hungry and no matures to be had.

Finally I said let's have some fun and actually catch some fish!

We set up in 130 FOW and sent down some Hammerhead bells and spin n glo's

We had a ball catching lakers, doubling up a couple times .

I know yuck Lakers but hell it was fun and we caught some good ones!

Largest one went 14.5 lbs, a couple 12 lbs and the rest between 6 and 10

We salvaged the day and finished 11 for 12(we lost one on a double only two of us fishing today so it was Chinese fire drill time on the doubles)

Good fishing and hope everyone has a safe and fun 4 th of July weekend !


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For some reason there was a post here and there about "crying the blues about the lack of king action while pounding the browns and lakers....".


I'll tell ya what - then show me some BB King, b/c I'd rather catch some of those mud monsters then wash lures all day.


Thanks for the report



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Nice looking mud chicken Dan. We did about the same as you offshore. That brown bite nearshore was good while it lasted. My buddy keeps threatening to bring his cowbells and peanuts along. I guess it's just a matter of time before we go farming.

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