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Solo today, went 4 for 7.  15lb king, 5lb king,  4lb atlantic, and 19lb laker.  All hits but two on dipsys out 280-320ft.  All fish but one on flasher /fly.  White/Green protroll w/ green fly did best.  Atlantic hit NBK spoon 100ft on rigger.


Lots of bait and a few hooks 150ft-250ft.  Strong surface currents.  Thermocline very tight about 100ft.  42 degrees to 50 degree in about 5 ft.   Difficult to maintain speed with surface currents and stay in temp.  Probe earned its keep today.

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Gave my Moor a workout today also I saw lots of current and temp changes around Pultneyville today. It was hard to stay in the thermocline, except for a long scumline over 200'. Some debris, but the water was a little more stable.


You had a better day than me. Way to go!



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