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bear creek smallies n brownies

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I picked up my old fishing partner(25+years) at 620 am...a bit grumpy but that's how we roll....Out of the launch and right onto a rare and perfectly Flat L Ontario....beautiful !!

We put out some flatlines and lead core,,all small shad raps,perch stick baits with 3 shot up the line.5 lines.Even had the planer board running like it was April...!

Not 10 min in the troll 20' was the target depth,,surface was 65,..flat calm,..we nailed a smallie on the perch yellow bird,...Next goes the outside planer with a SNAP,..!! This was either a record bass or something else..!! Up comes a beautiful colored Brown about 7lbs,...quick release into the lake,,,no pic,,sorry..another bass takes the shad rap on the lead core,....Meanwhile,,my eagle eye partner cannot help notice there are 1000'sof bugs on the surface,...and to boot,..there are a few big rollers commin up around us...random as heck,,,but there are some big fish feeding on the :hatch: if that's what was going on,..

The lead core takes another hard rap,..( 10lb test )...few minits later,..another beast of a brown ends up in the net.Wow.! Who;da guessed.! Had to wrap it up..hit the launch at 9... out there.!! What a great fishery out there!!

          Tight Lines.! ya just never know.........


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John1947 I have had my boat since January had my 10 color leadcore in the water one trip landed one steelie on it trolled it about 12 hours that trip still a lot to learn here about Lake O but love fishing it

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nice fish,tried leadcore the other night ,got alot to learn,

Hey John,...nothing to the lead core..I run 20lb..(thinner and sinks fast) then I have 20'mono lead...sometimes I run 15lb...when I bass fish I run 10lb...seeing the water is normally dang clear.The colors are set up on the package as to the length. One color is 15yds...I run 1.5 color 20'.......or more...depends on lure action,...But the beauty is you can get spoons,,diver..stick baits down to 20-30'without the down rigger,...and when the fish hits,,you know it..!

If I fish 20' and hit bottom...just let out less line,,and then you know right where your lure is running,,or..move the boat 5-10 deeper.!

Fun stuff! Good luck out there,,,try a few different style running lures...you can "feel" the action on the stick baits..and know they are clean of grass or debris.If they get junk on them, with a quick snap of the pole,.you can.pull some stuff off to clear the lure..Good luck!

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Gotta give a shout out to the guys that hammer out of the smaller boats!!

Nice brown man!! Wow :)

Always loved a shot at Ontario on a calm day out ta my tin can .

You put your lines out and hold on baby. :)

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Hey Jim H, that you?

B Schell here. Nice brown. I was out of Sandy on Friday, couldn't find the kings but took a small brown and a 15+ laker and lost another. First time using leadcore. So easy!


    Tough to grab the kings in close this time of year,..thus the small boat keeps me a shallow water predator,..but  its all good,...netting a big fish from a small boat adds to the excitement,..! Good luck out there.....you don't know,,,if you don't GO!  The south wind provided some cool water updwell and there were tons of browns in shallow feeding on surface bugs and my shad raps!!


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many years ago my sons caught a 28 lb. on a crank bait.They chased it from pultneyville almost to huningford .One son has the pic and the rod was a spinning rod with 6 lb test. Now that was a fight.At that time I stupily worked alot of saturday overtime. I missed out on special days like that.Well Im back now fishing the lake but its more like a morgue compared to its famous past.Things are more like the old days if you go west toward the OAK,Good fishing

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