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trollin seminar bass pro

ray koziatek

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jast got off the fone with bass pro 11:00 am sat3rd cut bait and trolling topic .. as of now its still on we can all wear our LOC shirts and hats ,,,,,,oh wait there are no shirts or hats yet never mind . I plan on being there .. OK I volenteer my self to head up a commitee to come up with a logo ,supplier,for hats , stickers , shirts,and i promis to use spellcheck(my wife) for any official letters. every idea would be posted and voted on before any action taken.mee,s just a plumber but i gots a little time before fishing starts....

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Yes i did thats why i mentioned the (gear), sent out pm's with no reply to topic,I raised my hand once dont want to start no mutney with the CAPTS, to darne cold to walk the plank..maybe if i call my sign man and had a couple stickers made, no one would shoot me..with the cold and heating systems breaking im dooing some pretty long days but i always got time to help ..............

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