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I-Bay 7/14/14 - fishing with my daughter for her first ever lake trout - VIDEO ADDED

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We started out with the whole family with the goal to catch fish for my entire family. However, my oldest daughter Olivia was getting a little seasick so we had to turn back to port to drop her and Mom off. My youngest daughter Elizabeth still wanted to go out with Dad, so we motored out to our favorite spot just north of I-Bay, dropped the cowbells and managed 6 beautiful lake trout on 8 hits.


Today was my most special memory on the water to date, as it brought me back to my childhood and the memories of trolling with MY dad. I can remember all the tangles, all the "false hits" that my dad would tell me were the fish testing us even though they were probably nothing more than our cheesy releases/rubberbands simply not holding, but I will never forget my first one with him and how special it will always be.


Fast forward 34 years and now I'm the dad, fishing the same water with my kids.......and man o' man how time flies.


Today was not about analyzing the fish-finder, the speed, the temp, finding the perfect baits or the perfect spot (well maybe not exactly on the perfect spot), but instead it was a day to focus on Ellie and cherishing her first fish trolling.


I want to share nothing more with you all, than my video of our special day. You know I always give details on depth, on lures, on location, etc. but today I just want to focus on the great memories I shared with my youngest daughter. You guys all know what I use, my typical lake trout depth and my speed anyway....lol.


To all the mothers/fathers/grandparents/aunts/uncles and friends - make sure you take a kid fishing anytime you can. They will not be perfect, they may break something or make a mess on the boat. They may complain and ask "can we go now?"  but I can promise you one thing that it will make you a better person for sharing our great outdoors with God's special gift - our children.


Cheers to you all - good luck on the water,









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:yes:  Wonderful job Chris. It sure brings back memories of my own first fish with my dad and also my now 36 yr. old son when he was about 7 or 8 and his 32 lb salmon on 12 lb test line handled all by himself and he then wrapped his arms around my leg and said "Dad I love you" ....."peak moments" in life nothing like them.....

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Terrific, Chris! My favorite charter clients are the ones taking their kids/grandkids out for their first Lake O fish. They get such a huge kick out of it...

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