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Questions on wiring new fish finders


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So while I am waiting on the parts to arrive to fix my motor I have been working on putting my 2 fishfinders on the boat.  I am going to mount my x67c ice machine on the bow of my boat with a trolling motor transducer and I am going to put my new Elite-7 on my dash.  The x67c it pretty straight forward, going to hook up power with an inline 3amp fuse straight back to the battery.  Now the Elite-7's power cord has 2 wires, one for power and the other for data.  I am going hook up the power the same as the other one but what do I do with the data cable?  Is this for the GPS?  If so where/what do I hook it up to?


I may have more questions, but I feel like I am missing something. 


Thanks for any help!!

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Thanks guys!

So if using the fish finder, down scan, and GPS I don't need to hook the extra cable up then. Is this correct?

I will visit the lowrance web site later and read some more on the topic. Thanks again!

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