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Owasco lake 7-15

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Started trolling early on around 545 am or so. Ran 3 rigger lines near bottom with spoons, two wire divers, a 10 color leadcore rig on a board and a 300' copper down the chute. We went 12/13 on lake trout ranging all from 21"-29" and then one real small shaker. Marked a lot of bait up high (40ft from surface) but it didn't seem as if there were many fish in it considering all the fish we caught were in the bottom 30 ft of the water column. All fish caught on spoons and 2 were caught on a flasher/fly rigpost-154277-14055448544915_thumb.jpgpost-154277-1405544865074_thumb.jpgpost-154277-14055448856713_thumb.jpg

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